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An on-line spiritual quest to awaken and embody your spiritual gifts to assist you in navigating the world.
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“The new world is ushering in and it is time to awaken the highest version of yourself “
– Rebeeca-Lee

discover your strongest spiritual gift…

“Empaths, energy sensitives, indigo’s, intuitives, mediums, healers, psychics, rainbow warriors, it time to upgrade, reclaim, understand and use your spiritual gifts”

– Rebecca-Lee



You are here on the earth right now for a specific purpose. In order to live that purpose fully, it is essential you awaken your spiritual gifts and use them to navigate your divine path.



The various spiritual gifts to use in everyday life based on the chakra’s.


to establish your “Spirit Team” – a divine group of beings available to help you.


by providing spiritual protection and how to put up strong energetic boundaries.


and learn how to use various divination tools.


everything you need to know about spiritual gifts and how they work through you.

“there is a voice that doesn’t use words…listen.”


what wants to awaken within you?

This program has been designed to give you the opportunity to explore and discover your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your spiritual gifts. 

Gain an understanding of all the spiritual gifts and how they work through the chakra’s affecting all area’s of your life and wellbeing.

 Many of you already have your spiritual gifts activated, you just have not acknowledged them; don’t understand the full extent of their power or how to use them in every day life. 

Some of you may have gifts that are making you emotionally, physically or mentally unwell and with some understanding, guidance and development you can change any situation that may be the result of an untrained spiritual gift.

The Program

The program has been designed to not only activate and explore your spiritual gifts, but to actually give you an idea of what is actually possible. There are many spiritual gifts that we can access, and each of us have a unique combination of strengths and talents in how, where and why we can use those gifts. I will take you on a journey through the twelve chakra system where each of the various spiritual gifts are based and give you the information and the opportunity to explore, connect with and strengthen your unique style of spiritual gifts.

How do I know I have spiritual gifts?

We are more than a physical being. Our mind and physical bodies are only part of who we are. In fact they serve as messengers or transmitters – giving us psychic information all day long. Most people are just not tuned in to it. Everyone has the spiritual gifts, and with the right intention and some commitment, has the chance to awaken them and use them for the betterment of their life and those around them. No one is devoid of using extra sensory information. It is a choice in whether you wish to see it that way, and then to grow that part of yourself and use it for the greater good.

Is this for me?

You may be wanting an opportunity to explore more of your gifts or even strengthen your current ones. Some of you may be completely novices and still unsure if it could be possible that you have some kind of intuitive, psychic or spiritual gift. No matter where you are in terms of being open to your gifts does not matter. This program will give you an opportunity to discover more of yourself if you have already started developing them and even strengthen those gifts. For those who are complete beginners it will give you the opportunity to see what is possible, understand what the different spiritual gifts are and how you may already have some of them activated now.

When to use your gifts?

This program is for those who wish to be able to use their intuition to navigate their everyday life to those who work professionally in the field. Perhaps you want to experience more peace or develop a connection with the cosmos or your Higher Self. Maybe you’d like to be able to make decisions based on your senses rather than fearing you are going to make the wrong choices.

You may find that as you open along this journey there are other reasons for your gifts such as serving or healing others, inventing something, or some other beautiful reason. The options are limitless but whenever we tune in to these gifts, we are awakening our Spirit Self; a part of ourselves that is higher vibrating and wishes to manifest in your physical world at this point in your life time.

A new age is coming

Humanity is going through a great shift right now. It has been coming for many decades as we cruise into new states of vibrations. In the coming years, there will be opportunities to live in different ways on earth or shapeshift between the two realities. Some will rely on technology to navigate them in the world and that is completely ok. Others will switch on their natural gifts and talents pertaining to their Spirit to navigate their world and life path. Others may find they use some of both.

Regardless of where you are, we are evolving and I believe that as Spirits and Souls in human bodies, we have forgotten our potential and what we have the capacity to do to create and manifest a beautiful physical world. This is where we are going, and as more and more people awaken their Spirit and start to really see their spiritual gifts and true potential, then we can co-create a new and beautiful place to explore and experience here on earth that can be less challenging, painful and intense.

What have you been yearning for?

So many of my clients (like myself many years ago) are yearning to step in to the world of spirit and magic, yet they are afraid, or they just don’t feel that they would be worthy enough to possess such gifts. Some are feeling a little bit of both. Yet they can not turn away from the calling to pursue and explore this part of yourself.

You do not need to feel that you are “special” or “chosen” to have spiritual gifts. No doubt there are many great messengers and healers in this world, but you too are a spiritual being and you have the potential and the capacity to tune in to other and higher vibrations of yourself and use your spiritual gifts in everyday life. Let me show you how to start.

I thought I would be doing meditating the whole time. My expectations went out the door and instead I was met with warmth, love, honesty and given a belief in myself I have not had for a long time. Looking forward to continuing my journey with Rebecca and beautiful like-minded people.

– Kim

I was looking to identify my gifts and to connect to my guides. We all came together as strangers on a journey of exploration. Bec encouraged us to allow growth. We worked through the chakra’s to identify our gifts and worked with an amazing group of ladies through practice activities. It was safe and surprising. We all took a step forward individually whilst we bonded as a strong team.

– Deb


Just like our cells hold information about who we are and what our health is, so do our chakra’s hold information about our spiritual gifts. This will be our journey to explore, reflect and activate the eleven spiritual gifts and learn your unique combination of gifts and how you might use them.








Sacred community & mediumship


scribing AND interpreting messages


Divine “seeing” and clairvoyance


Channelling AND your Divine Purpose


Past lives and the Mystic Self


Accessing Soul Contracts; clearing binds and curses


Ancestral Connections; Earth medicine and healing


Conscious leadership; Sovereign Being


Ascertain your unique spiritual gifts blueprint.

Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts Coming Soon

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