Unlock Your Love Blocks®

OWN your self-transformation. Recognise and overcome your inner limitations (Love Blocks) and align your energy to higher frequencies, in order to unlock your greatest potential. This is your opportunity to release a new version of yourself, as you begin to unlock the blocks inside of you.
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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built up against it”
– Rumi

Discover your love blocks…

“You have the opportunity to actively engage in your own healing process”

– Rebecca-Lee

This is where you change your story

How can YOU Unlock Your Love Blocks?

The Unlock Your Love Block® program guides you on a journey to Self-Love so that you can have more confidence in living the life you know you want to live. You will learn the keys to uncovering and removing the energetic and soul blocks that hold you hostage and have you experiencing the same negative outcomes, situations and people time and time again.

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Clarity –

of the true person you are and are striving to unlock; the type of lover and relationship that is best for you;

Understanding –

how to use your intuition to see beyond the superficial surface level of life and others so that you can navigate your internal and external blocks and connect deeply with yourself, others and life;

Tools and strategies –

the coaching and energy tools, meditations, strategies, mindset guidance, intuitive insight and rituals that will move you out of your karmic patterns and into a deep acceptance and appreciation of yourself and your journey so far.

Change –

through each lesson you will have the opportunity to put what you are learning into practice so that as you progress through the stages of the course, you will progress through life too; you will get out of this program the results of the effort and commitment you put in; are you ready for change?

Self-responsibility –

often in life the difference between having what we want and not having can be something as simple as yet, sometimes complicated as a belief. During the Unlock Your Love Blocks® program you will be supported to break free of states of consciousness that keep you feeling victimised, hopeless and in pain. You will encouraged every step of the way to break the chains of giving others the power over your happiness, and reclaim yourself, your life and your happiness.


– Rumi

Change is here!

Accept this as your sign to move with it.

As the world is changing rapidly, you have come to this planet to love on all levels and express it and experience it in all area’s of your life. If you are not feeling love for yourself and know you are not where you could be, there is no better time then now to unlock those doors and let your spirit soar. If not now when???

This is an opportunity to begin to release yourself from what is holding you back, and unlock your greatest potential by understanding the war within yourself, recognising and overcoming inner limitations, and aligning yourself to a higher frequency.

The learning in this program will help you to start to get to know yourself on an energetic level, and allow you to start to get to know and trust your own intuition. This is an opportunity to be held sacredly to learn about yourself, release what is ready to let go, and discover how to come to your own answers and solutions, without having to externalise this power to others anymore.

It is time to own your self-transformation.

The Program

The Unlock your Love Blocks® program is a complete “clean out” and re-alignment of your energy system. It is a journey that unlocks the doors within and connects you to your Soul and Higher Self, so you can remember who you truly are.

This is your opportunity to UNLOCK the doors and release what you are holding onto mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually that no longer serves you in a supportive and loving space.

The chance to discover and heal

  • What your Lover Archetype is and how you typically function in relationships;
  • How your own healing will assist you to see why you attract the partners you have and how to stop going down that path in the future;
  • Where you are playing out karmic patterns;
  • Identify your defences and how they block your from deeper levels of love;
  • Why moving through grief and loss will lead you to your life’s purpose;
  • That understanding fear can help you move forward;
  • How to move beyond guilt, embarrassment and shame and discover your worthiness;
  • What Soul contracts are binding you;
  • What your limiting beliefs are;
  • Your Inner Child needs;
  • Various ego parts that are holding you back;
  • Who your support systems are in real life and in the spirit realm;
  • What needs to happen in order for you to freely express your truth;
  • There is so much that will discover and learn about yourself on this journey.

Who is the program for?

  • The person who knows they are holding themselves back in love;
  • The person who is feeling like they are living with a friend not their lover;
  • The person who has not been in a relationships for a long time, but they secretly would love to be but is scared;
  • The person who is ready to turn within for the answers;
  • The person who feels finally ready to let go of the past and would like to know how;
  • The person who is having no luck dating and finding the same type of person over and over;
  • The person who is not feeling over comfortable or confident within themselves;
  • The person who wants to improve their relationship by letting go of why they keep sabotaging it

Do you resonate with some or all of the following?

  • You’re tired, but you know that there is much more to experience in this life. You know that there is more to you than what you’ve been able to express so far — your true self, and you want to live from that authentic place within you;
  • You have been hearing a “call” from your Soul that it is time to move forward, but you are not sure how;
  • You have been isolating yourself for a long time;
  • You have a massive heart, and are very empathic; however it is this very nature of yours to love so deeply in why you have chosen to shut your heart down;
  • You can often feel very much like the odd one out; you don’t seem to really fit in or you don’t feel like you do;
  • You struggle to trust yourself to make the right decisions, particularly when it comes to love;
  • You find it difficult to be truly present in your relationship; you don’t know what it is but you are just frustrated and find it hard to be happy, even when your partner is loving, happy and respectful;
  • You find your relationships seem to be repeating a similar pattern; the challenges seem to be familiar or are around a similar theme;
  • You often find yourself walking around aimlessly, overwhelmed by where to start; you feel lost;
  • You sense who you truly are, but you struggle with the confidence in getting that person out in the world;

Are you READY?

If you are reading this, you have been drawn here for a reason. It is your Soul’s way of letting you know that there is something big you are ready to let go of. Something big you are ready to reclaim about yourself. There is a door waiting for you to walk through…to unlock. This program can help you do that.

If you are ready, you will feel that it is time, even if some fear rises. You are ready to be the champion of your own life. Even champions experience some fear. You will learn how to not be afraid of fear!! You are ready to unlock the potential that is inside of you so that you may shine your light here on this earth and in your relationships.

Due to karmic patterns I had been repeating in my life, I was stuck both emotional and mentally leaving me constantly feeling angry and frustrated and not knowing if I would ever find a way out.

The Unlock Your Love Blocks® program has been a lifeline for me. Understanding the blocks in my chakra’s and energetic field and how they relate to my life has made me feel strong and empowered. I love the energy transmissions and clearings in the course. I believed they were the critical to my transformation. Since starting this journey I have created many new ways of being and seeing myself. I have never looked back.

Michelle Moncrieff | Nature Shaman



Join the full 11 Key program or just choose the Key(s) that interest you for now…

Key 1

Unlocking Connection and Community Blocks

  • Understanding the “orders of love”
  • Siblings as the template to our friendship; tribe and group challenges
  • Identifying and moving Grief and Loss
  • Heart Chakra Energy Clearings and Transmissions

4 weeks duration

Key 2

Unlocking the door to WORTHINESS

  • Identifying worthiness blocks around guilt and shame
  • Unlocking blocks to Solutions and Creativity
  • Unlocking mother wounds to begin soul integration with the Mother to allow in abundance
  • Sacral Chakra Energy Clearings and Transmissions

5 weeks duration

Key 3

Unlocking the door to CONFIDENCE

  • Identify confidence blocks around fear
  • Unlocking father wounds to begin soul integration with the Father to allow in success
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Energy Clearings and Transmissions

5 weeks duration

Key 4

Unlocking Relationship and Intimacy Blocks

  • Understanding some of your limiting beliefs around relationship
  • Unconscious dynamics and hidden loyalties in couples
  • Breaking up well and healing past relationships
  • Keys to successful relationships
  • Base Chakra Energy Clearings and Transmissions

4 weeks duration

Key 5

Unlocking Communication Blocks

  • Inner Child Healing
  • Acknowledging those who have been excluded from your family system (past and present) to bring back balance to your system.
  • Family secrets in the family system
  • Throat Chakra Energy Clearings and Transmissions

4 weeks duration

Key 6

Self-Acceptance Blocks

  • Inner Parts identification and integration
  • Understanding what it means to truly love yourself
  • Understanding the Inner Critic
  • How do you want to be loved?
  • Sixth Chakra Energy Clearing and Transmission

4 weeks duration

Key 7


  • Finding and taking your rightful place in your family system
  • Identifying entanglements you may have to another family members dreams or goals
  • Identifying Soul purpose

4 weeks duration

Key 8

Unlocking the Karmic Past and
the Unseen

  • Victim and Perpetrator dynamics
  • Seeing the unseen in family systems
  • Understanding your Soul’s karmic patterns
  • Past lives and love
  • Eighth Chakra Energy Clearing and Transmission

4 weeks duration

Key 9

Unlocking the Shadow in Relationship

  • Understanding the concept of shadow
  • Identifying and understanding your Shadow and its role in relationships
  • The golden shadow
  • Ninth Chakra Energy Clearing and Transmission

4 weeks duration

Key 10

your Blocks to Support

  • Building resilience through nature
  • Finding the right land where you belong
  • Opening up for support.
  • Hearing the wisdom of nature
  • Tenth Chakra Energy Clearing and Transmission

4 weeks duration

Key 11

Unlocking the Door to Empowerment

  • The orders of change
  • Integrating the learning of all the other chakra’s
  • Redo Lover Archetype Survey
  • Eleventh Chakra Energy Clearings and Transmissions

Not available for single purchase.

2 weeks duration


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PAYMENT PLAN: 11 x $524 monthly payments


During the program or key(s) you can gain extra support by booking a session with a Certified Unlock Your Love Blocks® Coach trained by Rebecca-Lee.

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