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Become an Unlock Your Love Blocks® Oracle Card Reader, Energy Coach, Energy Soul Coach or do the full program to become a Certified Master Energy & Soul Coach Practitioner.
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Would you like to give readings that were grounded, relevant and accurate to exactly what your client needs to take away and work on?

Would you like to take your energy healings to the next level where you can fully involve your client in their own healing process?

Are you seeking a new way to work with your clients?

Are you ready to fulfil your purpose whilst being fully supported and promoted by Rebecca-Lee?

“This is the most potent service you will ever offer. I know each and every one of you have the heart capacity to love your clients to wellness.”

– Rebecca-Lee



This work is a catalyst for deep change on many levels and it is common for clients to experience shifts in not only their personal and professional lives but also their capacity to “tune in” to their own inner wisdom and begin to understand themselves and make choices based on their own intuition.

This process activates people’s spirits and their intuitive gifts whilst unlocking all that is blocking them in love and purpose.

I have been extremely humbled to learn some of the most profound teachings from those both on the physical and in the spiritual planes and have combined the best of these learnings to create a process that can open the door to lasting change to people’s lives. I found in developing the Unlock Your Love Blocks® brand that combining the most profound of learnings from physical and spiritual teachers has ultimately led to the best results, with the underlying premise that the client holds their own healing wisdom.


I am now offering training and certification as an Unlock Your Love Blocks® Card Reader, Energy and Soul Coach. I have been working with clients in assisting them to unlock their blocks to love for almost fifteen years. During this time I have been able to :

  • Channel the Unlock Your Love Blocks® oracle card deck.
  • Develop an energy tracking and coaching processes to help take your client’s energy “healing” to the next level whilst having them fully involved in their own healing.
  • Successfully combined coaching, energy work and constellation work into one powerful process that helps your clients recognise their blocks to giving and receiving love and understand where and why they are repeating their negative karmic patterns in relationship.


Those who take this journey and are able to hold this space for others will truly hear the call to this work.
Whether you have only been thinking about starting to help others truly shift out of the old versions of themselves and prepare them for the next vibration of reality rushing in; been trying to get your own business off the ground or simply looking to bring in a new energy and ideas into your current business; the Unlock Your Love Blocks® journey is designed to not only teach you skills but to integrate the work deeply in your own Soul so that you can activate the conscious leader you have come here to be.



“There are many healers, therapists, psychics and coaches out there who are not continually doing their own work and are strongly attached to their ego. This work is not about your status or your need to be significant or needed; this is not about you serving the ego to be the guru or the “wise one”. This is about holding a space and guiding your clients’ to their own truth and the answers inside of themselves. We can use our insight, our wisdom and our own life experiences to help ask the right questions and guide our client’s to the powerful being they are on the inside. We are not here to put ourselves above anyone or be anyones’ guru. This work is about partnering with our amazing beloveds and reminding them who they are and helping them release the shackles to all that has been holding them back”.

– Rebecca Lee


How do you want to serve?

For too long people have been externalising their power and have forgotten who they really are and what they are truly capable of.

You now have the opportunity to not only serve others as a guide to this light within themselves,  but to continue to look within yourself and unlock all that keeps you from expanding, evolving and reaching new levels. You will have the opportunity to connect with an amazing tribe of Souls who are on the same page as you and are dedicated to their own personal work and stepping into purpose.  

Who is this for?

Those who have a mission to raise the vibration of the planet and recognise that the key to moving humans through to the next level of humanity is by assisting them to re-write their perspective of the past, cultivate a deeper understanding into themselves, bring down the walls around their heart and recognise the blocks they hold on a deep level that keep them repeating karmic patterns in their life.

This training is for anyone who wants to work with people to truly change their life; not by being their guru, or conducting some kind of session that may just bring a moment of high feelings, but helping people remember who they truly are and showing them the wisdom they have within. Unlock Your Love Blocks is about helping people fall in love with themselves and truly recognise that they have the power and solutions within their own heart and soul to live their life – to be fully open to love and purpose.

Expand your healing toolkit

This is an opportunity to move beyond healing to intuitive coaching, and be able to guide your client in their own process. This will make for much more powerful results for your client. Some of you may have a background and training in counselling, coaching, nursing, healing or some other modality. Your work from the past may serve as a beautiful springboard to do this work. 

Some of you may be looking to see how you can incorporate the intuitive aspect into your work and these processes will show you how to use your intuition in Unlock Your Love Blocks® readings; energy tracking and coaching and constellations (depending how far into the training you go). 

If you have not really done any significant training in the past, this journey will be perfect for you. You get to learn the ‘Unlock Your Love Blocks®” way from the beginning and I assure you, that not having any kind of experience in this field will not be a disadvantage for you. You will learn everything you need to know as you move along through the levels. 

 I have no doubt that you have a calling to help others unlock their highest potential whilst also living yours. You will be fully supported and guided on this journey and each level will help build on the previous level skills.

More than just a Coaching Certification

This is a path that will release the past density and pain and unlock doors inside of yourself and your client to new possibilities and potentials. The process involves letting go of what no longer serves and remembering the spirits we really are.

“The greatest gift we can give our clients is showing them that they have the power to heal and change their life, and all the answers are within them!”

– Rebecca-Lee


Through my Unlock Your Love Blocks® work I have assisted clients all over the world to…

  • find love;
  • leave dysfunctional relationships;
  • break out of karmic soul patterns and attract better lovers;
  • recognise where they withhold love and why;
  • discover where they can’t take love in and why; and
  • to support my clients on a journey to develop a new sense of love for themselves and what their purpose and learning is here on this planet this lifetime.

When I commenced my business in 2008 I was in my mid 30’s. At this stage I had completed my second initiation in life and I was ready to step out and pioneer my own way in business. My business was “Living Wide Awake” and I was certain that I needed to help people free themselves of heavy energies that were holding them back and keep them small or suffering. In full acceptance of my psychic gifts and with guidance from Spirit I knew I was embarking on my next level of initiation into Conscious Leadership and creation.

My journey was very much my own as I navigated and found my own way in combining my intuitive gifts, energy healing, coaching and family constellations. Even though it doesn’t seem that long ago, at that time the idea of “coaching” in Australia was very new and there was not many combining the industries at the time. Fast forward around thirteen years later and the spiritual and coaching fields have skyrocketed as many woman (and some men) have heard the call to serve others on an energetic and soul level.

I believe this was all divinely timed not only for these souls to help others awaken, but also to prepare them to be teaching those who will be helping others for this time in the Great Awakening. A we find ourselves smack in the middle of this great shift, many more Souls are continuing to awaken to their true calling in this lifetime and for many of them that involves planting seeds for new ways of being. It is truly important work to help as many people as we can release the past and unlock their blocks to love so as to help increase the vibration of the planet and humanity.

As we find ourselves smack in the middle of this great shift, many more Souls are continuing to awaken to their true calling in this lifetime and for many of them that involves planting seeds for new ways of being. It is truly important work to help as many people as we can release the past and unlock their blocks to love so as to help increase the vibration of the planet and humanity.

connect with an amazing tribe of Souls 


You do not have to be perfect or have everything all figured it; however, being an Unlock Your Love Blocks Reader and Coach, you will most certainly walk your talk and have more than an academic insight into what is happening with your clients. You will have lived it and moved through a lot of it. You will empathise and feel your client’s on a very deep level giving them the understanding that they will not find from anyone who simply lives in books and text.

So whether you consider yourself a Light Worker, an Indigo, a Change Maker, a Therapist, a Coach, a Psychic Medium, a Healer, an Empath or something else of the like, I have no doubt you will have experienced some pain in your life that you have had to overcome. 

It will be crucial in your Unlock Your Love Blocks® work that you will be aware of and even integrated a lot of your own shadow; and continue to walk your talk and work on your own blocks to love and purpose.


Coaches share their experience


Just over a decade ago Rebecca-Lee self-published and launched the Unlock Your Love Blocks® oracle card deck. She has conducted thousands of readings to people all over the world during that time and sold 1000+ decks worldwide. The Unlock Your Love Blocks® deck is sold in select retail stores and continues to be one of the best-selling decks in each store even after a decade in distribution. To mark the ten year anniversary of the deck in 2021 Rebecca-Lee has upgraded the deck, whilst still keeping the identity and originality of the deck alive. To celebrate the ten year anniversary and at the request of many coaches, therapists and healers to understand how to use the deck more, Rebecca-Lee is launching the first certified course in Unlocking Love Blocks®.

The course will give you specific insight into each card and how you can use the deck to support and guide people into what is blocking them in love and purpose. Whether they are in a relationship, looking for love or simply needing to check in with what they need to work on at a very deep level to love themselves more; the Unlock Your Love Blocks® oracle card deck is grounded with practical yet profound advise that your clients can use to take on and continue to work on themselves.

The intention of the deck is to not only tell people that everything is going to be ok in their future but to give them the keys they need to go and unlock their blocks and take charge of their destiny and ensure it happens. Giving clients insight into why they are in repeating karmic patterns in their love life and what they need to do to change the circumstances they are in.

Complete the course for your own understanding and support or take what you learn here and the oracle card deck into your current healing, therapy or coaching practice to assist your clients’ with the practice advise and support they need to break the chains of karmic soul mate relationships and move into more profound and deep divine love.

The course also offers guidance into how you can awaken your spiritual gifts and explore your intuition and spiritual gifts or simply just use the guidance of the cards and guidebook to support yourself, clients, friends and love ones to see the underlying cause of the situations and relationships they find themselves in.

You will be shown various layouts in how to get the best guidance from the cards and how you might use them in conjunction with your current practice or with other oracle card decks.

The program is self-paced with the opportunity to practice with those on the same journey to ensure you build your confidence, get to know the cards and give the best readings as possible.

There are no prerequisites to join. You can undertake the program for your personal use, or complete the requirements and become a certified Unlock Your Love Blocks® Oracle Card Reader by Rebecca-Lee.

This training includes:

  • 1 x deck of the second edition Unlock Your Love Blocks oracle cards
  • Intuitive Development Training – Foundations
  • Unlock Your Love Blocks philosophy – Foundation
  • Deep understanding into the Unlock Your Love Blocks cards – the challenges and keys
  • Chakra Knowledge – Foundations
  • How to conduct basic and more complicated oracle card readings in person; over zoom and remotely
  • How to sell yourself as an Unlock Your Love Blocks® Oracle Card Reader
  • Private group to discuss, connect and learn


(Pre-requisite Level 1)

Everything in the Unlock Your Love Blocks® Oracle Card deck will give you the foundation you need to begin your Level 2 Unlock Your Love Blocks® Energy Coaching program. In this course you will take what you learnt about Love Blocks and build on it to take energy healing to the next level.

In this course you have the opportunity to become a certified Unlock Your Love Blocks® Energy Coach and learn the skills you need to identify the blocks either yourself, your loved ones or your clients are holding in their chakra’s – where they came from (including age) what it relates to and how it may be affecting your clients life.

Not only will you learn various energy healing, tracking and protection techniques, you will learn how to take these healing techniques and combine  them with your new-found coaching skills and transform your energy healing sessions into energy coaching sessions to ensure your client can be fully involved and responsible in their own healing and way forward.

This training includes:

  • Intuitive Development Training – Level 1
  • Unlock Your Love Blocks Philosophy – Level 1
  • Intuitive Coaching Skills – Foundation
  • Chakra Knowledge – Advanced
  • Energy Management
  • Energy and Time Tracking
  • Remote Energy Tracking and Time Tracking
  • Turning your Energy Healing into Energy Coaching
  • How to conduct Intuitive Energy Coaching Sessions both in person, remotely and over zoom
  • Live Q&A’s with Rebecca-Lee
  • Private group to discuss, connect and learn
  • In-person (sunshine coast) or live stream weekend workshop


(Pre-requisite Levels 1 & 2)

The Soul Coach level of the Unlock Your Love Blocks® training is an advanced level of training that will enable you to take your client deep into their Soul and family dynamics to support them resolve unwanted karmic soul patterns once and for all. This is an advanced level of training.

This training includes

  • Intuitive Development Training – Level 2
  • Unlock Your Love Blocks® Philosophy – Level 2
  • Intuitive Coaching Skills – Level 1
  • Soul Work
  • Taking your energy tracking and coaching work into soul coaching;
  • Family Constellations Foundations
  • Family Constellations – Level 1

  • Shadow Work – Introduction
  • Shadow Work – Level 1
  • Working with your own Shadow through constellations;
  • Interweaving coaching into constellation work
  • How to conduct Soul Coaching Sessions both in person, remotely and over zoom.
  • Live Q&A’s with Rebecca-Lee
  • Private group to discuss, connect and learn
  • 2 x In-person (Sunshine Coast) or live stream weekend workshops


(By Invitation Only + Pre-requisite Levels 1, 2 & 3)

This training includes

  • Intuitive Coaching Skills – Advanced
  • Family Constellations – Level 2
  • Shadow Work –  Levels 2
  • Become a recognised Master Unlock Your Love Blocks® Energy and Soul Coach and promoted by Rebecca-Lee exclusively
  • Provide voluntary support to Rebecca-Lee to Unlock Your Love Blocks® program participants

  • Invited paid work to support Rebecca-Lee in the on-line programs; workshops and other projects connected to Unlock Your Love Blocks®
  • Live Q&A’s with Rebecca-Lee
  • Private group to discuss, connect and learn
  • 2 x In-person (Sunshine Coast) or live stream weekend workshops

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