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“The greatest gift we can give our clients is knowing that they have the power to heal and change their life, and all the answers are within them”

– Rebecca Lee

thIS IS THE beginning of a life-long adventure together; growing, learning and supporting each other to our own greatness.

– Rebecca-Lee



Energy Clearings, Transmissions and Intuitive Coaching is geared towards helping others to feel empowered to make the inner and external changes needed for permanent healing. Our coaches are trained to see the deep energetic aspects of someone to be able to help them.

Energetic Clearing and Healing is a strong addition to any coaching or counselling work that not only can help a client shift long held onto patterns, but also can teach them how to work with and engage in their own healing work.

Unlock Your Love Blocks has accelerated my self growth beyond my expectations. It has assisted me to let go of past trauma, resistance, stress and allowed me to create more space in my heart for love, clarity and peace to align me with who I really am.

Belinda | Unlock Your Love Blocks®


Rebecca-Lee is the founder and developer of the Unlock Your Love Blocks program. She has spent the last two decades walking a spiritual path and completely surrendered to the guidance that Spirit gave her to create and build the programs and business she has created.

Rebecca-Lee Bio

Rachel Fairlamb

Rachel is a kind and compassionate Earth Mumma of 4 young star seed children. She is passionate about coaching other Mum’s as she understands the challenges that come with parenting. Those who know her know she holds a warm and empathetic capacity.

Rachel Fairlamb Bio

Michelle Maree

Michelle Maree has had a deep connection to nature and spends her spare time outside connecting to the energies of the trees and ocean. Michelle is a veteran in the Unlock Your Love Blocks® work and as such, has extensive personal experience in navigating the world of the “shadow”.

Michelle Maree Bio

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Become an Unlock Your Love Blocks® Oracle Card Reader, Energy Coach, Energy Soul Coach or do the full program to become a Certified Master Energy & Soul Coach Practitioner

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