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Time to step into the life that is waiting for you! Discover what is in your way or holding you back from living your abundant life.
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“Like everything else, money is energy….and all energy can be attracted or repelled “
    – Rebecca Lee

“You have to be before you can do; and do before you can have”

– Zig Zaglar



The Unlock Your Money Blocks™ program guides you on a journey to connect to your Soul and all that is blocking you on an energetic level to living an abundant life – whatever that is for you.

Through past lives, early childhood programming, your  connection with your mother, and your thoughts and feelings around self-love and worth we explore all that is holding you back; keeping you hostage or having you repeat negative patterns with money, abundance, being supported, resourced, presented with opportunities and generally being happy.

What you will LEARN


around what abundance means to you and why you are blocking it.


around core wounds and energetic vibration and how they work together to create the reality you see in your life at present.


to clear current and past life blocks from your energetic field.


to release any entanglements to any particular Ancestors fate you have that is keeping you living out their karma.


your relationship (or non-relationship) with your biological mothers which can be causing your blocks to receiving and being abundant in the world.


to help you manage your money when abundance does start to flow in to your life.

When you shift your mind, heart and focus to believing that you are completely responsible for how you are experiencing your life, then you are on the road to freedom and abundance.

– Rebecca-Lee



It is time to understand that money is energy. Those who have a lot of money on this earth plane, usually have very different perceptions of it than those who don’t. This is very different to any normal manifesting programs. You are guided to work on a deep level of the Soul – opening doors to things that are unresolved, messy or complicated that are impacting your life financially today.

The Program

This program is not just about bringing money in to your life, although for many of you that will be important! This is about recognising that abundance wants to come in to our life in many forms. Often we are presented with solutions, opportunities and advise that would ease the suffering we are feeling yet we ignore it or don’t follow it because it hasn’t come in the way we think it needs to – it is not recognised.

We must learn to be open to see that money and abundance can come into our life in various forms. This program ultimately aims to not only look at what is blocking you from being abundant and having the money and resources that you want on an energetic and soul level, but also offer you practical steps that will help you develop a healthy relationship with money, and teach you how to not only bring it in, but how to take care of it when you have it. Also how to use it in the most highest vibration for you and your life’s path. Whether that is following a budget, investing, saving and simply being grateful for what you have in each and every moment. We will cover all from the soul to the practical

What does the process involve?

We will go on a journey through the key area’s of your life that block the flow of abundance, working on the level of the heart, mind and soul. You will be shown a range of processes that can guide you through various doors within your being that will show you where and why you are blocking abundance in your life.

This could involve…

  • energetic processes that cut energetic ties and binds; break vows and curses.
  • looking at early childhood programming that may be influencing you.
  • releasing any entanglements to the fate of your Ancestors who may have suffered
  • looking at your mindset.
  • exploring your feelings of worthiness through your connection with your Mother and bring some healing and peace to this relationship.

This will be a very deep and profound journey and often it may be uncomfortable but you will begin to see shifts in your life. The less your resist and allow the healing to take place

How do I know I have money blocks?

Many people find it so easy to give but difficult to receive. This inability to be able to “take in” resonates an energy out to the universe in every area of our life that we can feel good about giving but not receiving. So you often may find yourself in the position of being a brilliant giver, but not a receiver. This doesn’t have to be just about money! It can be about receiving advice, support, help with babysitting or allowing someone to do you a favour or anything where something is given to you or done for you.

do any of the following ring true?

  • You can easily give but you cannot receive.
  • Opportunities seem to be few and far between.
  • Working somewhere you hate just for the money.
  • You don’t feel worthy.
  • If you do have money you feel guilty or embarrassed about it.
  • If you do have money you give it away or waste it as fast as it come in.
  • Are always being ripped off.
  • Always losing your wallet, money etc.
  • Feel resentful to those that are abundant.
  • Just surviving but your never really thrivingIf so, there may be something in this for you.

I have no doubt that those of you here would give even more to the world if you were more abundant and not stuck in the hum drum of daily life surviving rather than thriving! It is not selfish to want to have more because than you could be more and ultimately give more.

– Rebecca Lee


COMING in 2023!

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