The Awakening Code

Join Rebecca-Lee in a Medicine Painting Quest that spans over 13 moons.
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Rebecca Lee Flower

What if there is a code to each person’s awakening journey?

This journey will help you to access your specific soul codes so that you can confidently navigate your path to awakening to your highest potential.

On this journey you will activate or further enhance your own intuition so that you can become fully conscious of who you are and what you are here to cause and create. 

The Awakening Code is a revolutionary experience for those ready to explore consciousness through self expression. This curriculum is from the future. An Intuitive Intentional Intellectual Painting and Writing Adventure! Big ideas and big imagination run wild on a giant canvas with giant brushes. This isn’t just for those who identify as artists. It is for everyone.

This journey will help you align who are in the physical world with the deepest depths of your Soul. So many of us are not showing who we really are or what we really sense or believe. We live split or in “fragments” lives which only leaves us more susceptible to listening to our inner critic and vulnerable to toxic people and situations.

This is a conscious creative practice that will see you journey into the cosmos and deep into your consciousness through revolutionary expression.

Join me and break free. 

Rebecca Lee Flower

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