High Vibe Body®

Your body is an antenna that is communicating to you all the time. This journey will not only help you to start listen and interpret the messages of your body; but to also come to a deep understanding and appreciation of your physical form.
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“The problem isn’t your body, the problem is what you think of it….and underlying that, what you think of yourself. “
– Rebecca-Lee

“You don’t have a Soul, you are a Soul; you have a body”

– Rebecca-Lee




The intention of this program is to not to focus on losing weight or to push for something you are not. It is not about resisting, judging or hating who you are or judging yourself for when you do.

The intention of this program is to remind you that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience, and a huge part of this experience is the physical body you are in. 

What if your Soul speaks to you through your body and you could start to listen to it, learn about yourself on a deeper level and be guided by it in every day life.

What you will learn


that everything that is going on deep inside of you shows up in your physical body.


the information stored in your chakra’s to identify your best lifestyle.


hidden family and ancestral burdens and entanglements that maybe affect your physical health.


of energy that you are holding on to that belong to others and how to establish strong physical and energetic boundaries so that the negative energy of others can no longer impede on your health.


the best self-care practices for your energetic blueprint.

“Your body is giving you messages and answers to your challenges all the time.”



What does High Vibe Body Mean?

The journey of the Soul in this physical body can be amazing for some, and very difficult for others. For many people they struggle with their physical appearance as they don’t feel it matches who they are on the inside. For others they may have various and perhaps even unexplainable health issues or injuries that they have had for a long time. Others may also find it hard to “squeeze” themselves into their bodies.

Whoever you are, your body is an incredible part of your experience on earth and the High Vibe Body® program aims to bring you to a deep peace, understanding, appreciation and connection with your body.

The Program

This program is not about achieving a goal weight or changing the way you look, though it may happen during or after the process. The aim is for you to relieve yourself of negative burdens, feelings and energies both on a soul level and energetic level that are impacting either your physical health or the way you feel about being in your physical body. We will delve into your energetic body and learn energy techniques that will not only help you clear lower energies and attachments, but to also get an understanding of how your divine energetic blueprint guides you on how to best take care of yourself in the physical realm. Filled with loads of self-love inspiration and guidance through a range of different processes, you will also be guided to look at various ancestral connections your soul may be entangled with that impacts on your physical health in some way.

What does the process involve?

You will be taken through various processes working on the level of the Soul through past lives and connections to Ancestors, whilst also delving deep into your energetic field to get a deep understanding of what is impacting your physical form the most negatively and what would work best to support yourself physically.

How do I know if this is for me?

You may be healthy or have illness or injury; skinny, overweight or somewhere in between. Or you generally just feel a calling to connect and heal more through your body in a different way. It doesn’t matter what your physical form is like, if you are feeling uncomfortable or struggle in any way with the physical, then this program may bring up some doors for you to look in to see if they can bring you some relief or some comfort and ease in being in your physical body.

You will also learn...

  • How to have a different perspective to your physical body.
  • Understand the energy behind your physical body.
  • Learn how to gain psychic and intuitive messages from your body.
  • Medical intuition.
  • Identify the limitations of your expectations.
  • What your triggers are for unhealthy eating habits.
  • The right colours for you to dress for a happy body.
  • How to release heavy emotions for the body.
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