5 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Feb 13, 2023 | News

We each have a vibrational frequency that is unique to each of us. We all store thoughts, feelings, memories and experiences in our chakra’s at a vibrational frequency – and depending on how we have processed those experiences determines the energy of our entire body.

We all have the opportunity to raise our vibration so that we are healthy not only physically, emotionally and mentally, but spiritually and energetically as well. We have been taught that we need to look after our bodies – treat it well with good food and water, sleep, exercise and clean our bodies and our teeth. We are also becoming aware through psychology that we also need to watch our thoughts – be aware of our thoughts and ensure that they are positive and empowering most of the time. We have learnt that we need to be aware of our emotions – acknowledge how we feel without squishing it down inside of us and pretending that we are ok.

But what we haven’t had a lot of education around is that we need to take care of all that and our energy. All those thoughts and feelings and our memories are energy. When the negative or confusing thoughts and feelings and experiences have not be acknowledged and process correctly or completely, they form energetic blocks within our chakra’s affecting our energetic vibration.

Everything about us, around us and within this world is vibration. Everything has an energy, and energy attracts energy – like attracts like. Your energetic frequency is giving out messages to the world, to others about who you are. So if you have not done enough to take care of your Love Blocks, your energy is going to attract very similar to what your vibrating at.

It is important that you look after yourself on all levels – body, mind, emotions and spirit and understand that working with your energy is another tool to help you raise your vibrations. your life by choosing to experience elevated vibrations.

5 Ways to become a High Vibration…

#1 –  Manage your Fear
We are all afraid of something. The core of most blocks and lower vibrations is fear. We are afraid of so many things. The ego does so much to protect us from further pain or possible pain. You must find a way to cultivate courage and resilience on your path so you can be aware of your fears and what they are trying to protect you from but at the same time, allow you to walk through the doors you need to walk through.

#2 – Watch Your Words
Inside of your own mind and the ones you speak to others – particularly about yourself and life. Our words are like swords, they determine a lot of how you are vibrating. Become aware of the stories that seem to be repeating from you to others about who you are, or your life. Are these empowering or disempowering?

#3 – Know Your Worth
Have boundaries. Are you a pleaser? Do you put others before yourself constantly? Are you forever trying to get the approval or permission from others to do things or to feel good about who you are? You must come to a decision to understand that you are just as worthy as everyone else, and develop strong boundaries to ensure that your wellbeing is taken care of so that then you are able to offer assistance to others if they need it and as you choose.

#4 Live in Gratitude
People say it a lot, because it is true. The feeling of gratitude is a high energetic frequency. When you are in deep gratitude everything seems right – your experiences in the past, your challenges of the present. You see how everything has been perfect for you to learn and work through your stuff on a Soul level. You feel grateful for who you are and the people that have been on your life path.

You also see beauty – lots of beauty. We are in fact surrounded by it. The earth is magical. Everyday is a miracle.  When you are in gratitude you will have a deep appreciation for all that is around you. Take some time to look around you – look at a tree or the sky with the intention to deeply see how profound it is. You can not be in a state of gratitude and low vibrating. If you want to attract great things in to your life, learn to be in (that is to deeply FEEL), gratitude.

Tip #5 –  Choose who you spend most of your time with wisely
The people around you reflect where you are at within yourself – how you truly feel about yourself. Are you alone? Do you have nobody around you? Then perhaps you are feeling like a nobody, and you need to work more on your worth and understand that you are valuable person to be have people in your life. Do you have many negative people around you that you spend your time with? If so, how are these feeding your negative vibes? Where are you negative about yourself or life because these people are reflecting that.

You have a choice to choose who you want to be around. If you want to be more of a High Viber you have to think carefully about who you want to be around!

Living a healthy lifestyle includes taking care of your whole Self:  mind, body & spirit.  All low vibrations and illnesses start on the inside and reflect throughout your life.  Some great ways to live a healthy lifestyle are eating good foods, practicing positive affirmations and exercising your body, as well as becoming aware of yourself on much deeper and “unseen” levels such as soul and energy.


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