Are you travelling through a dark night of the Soul phase?

Sep 19, 2023 | News

Are you travelling through a dark night of the Soul phase?

Have you been on the Spiritual Path?

You may not feel it is very spiritual right now. Most people think that awakening spiritually is going to be something super-natural or some profound moment with Spirit. Indeed, there may be these moments, but awakening to your Spirit and stepping on to a spiritual path is not just one moment of glorious spiritual bliss. Of course, they can happen, but often your awakening is going to be snotty, confusing and messy.

Maybe you have been awakening and travelling and shifting and things have shifted in your life….then BOOM!!

Things just turn to dead set shit. Things get taken away; things don’t manifest like they should be; you feel alone and misunderstood; people seem to be attacking you; you feel helpless and a deep soul pain that you barely know how to contain. Thoughts can be filled with “what the fuck is happening; what am I doing here and where is my help and support.”. It can feel like a betrayal or an abandonment from Spirit; like everything has just dropped by the way side.

You’ve been working your arse out making changes in your life; working through blocks, shifting old ideas and beliefs about yourself and your life; attempting to connect with shadow and ego parts, and generally clearing out the shit.

But all of a sudden you just feel like you’re at a standstill. Your vulnerable and emotional and extra sensitive right now. Even the most courageous love warrior can struggle through a dark night.

So what is happening?

Well there is so many ways I can speak with you about this and describe it. This is just one way to perceive it and describe it. You may find your own words and my hope that mine, even if they might not feel exact for you, will open the doorway to your own understanding.

You are in the next stage of the initiation my friend. I’d tell a “gamer” that they have just reached the next level. You’ve been getting better and stronger, in the deepest most spiritual sense of the words, and the Divine (or God, Universe, Great Spirit, Goddess) sees you are ready for the next step in your evolution. Your faith is being tested; primarily in yourself; and the wounds you been working through well, many of them are old, and ancient, and many of them are not just yours, but your Ancestors or the collective’s in general. This is the next level of deep blocks that are coming up.

Love Blocks are like that. They come up in waves as you grow and evolve. I say that all the time to my client’s; the ones that have worked with me on and off for years. Something comes up here and they say “I really thought I had worked through that” and yet here they are. I gently smile because I know the Divine has seen them. I know their Soul is ready for more deep excavation work and evolving. Their coaching is working.

The Dark Night of the Soul is rough though. It can stir your deepest grief and your most rageful anger. It is not an easy place to be. If you could, you’d give up; but you know you can’t. You don’t know which way to turn or where to go.

It can take a few weeks , a few months or maybe over a year. Who knows. I feel that depends on you. How long will you stay there; being helpless; being blameful; being in pain. What is it here that you are to be in touch with? What is it here that you need? Where does your connection to your faith and your higher path and purpose need to be activated or re-defined. And what about that faith; is this an opportunity to walk your talk, or perhaps discover your previous talk was one level and your about to go even deeper now where that in which you have lived by and even told others is not even relevant anymore. Who knows where you are, that is unique for you.

Remember this dear one, in your darkest hour you might feel like all is lost, or you are moving backwards; but trust me when I say, there is no where for you to move but forward. You are in limbo land now; and the only way you can get through this is to give yourself time; compassion; and love. Your task now is to see what you need to see. Ask and wait. It may not come as soon as you would like it. It can be frustrating. It can elicit all sorts of behaviour and attitudes from you. Hhhhmmmmm trust that and observe yourself. Maybe your key to your expansion lies right there

You are on a path to transcend all that is old and low vibrating within you. Your connection with the Divine is what is meant to help you right now. Remembering that you are the divine will help you even further.

You have not done anything wrong. It is simply time for you to let go of what you think you should know. You are going through an advanced initiation. It is time to trust that love will hold you. This will be a saving grace for you.

The dark night of the Soul is love calling you into the light. Let the love within you guide you and simply just surrender to each moment.  Let go of the need to push or pull anything or anyone. Let go of the need to be anything or achieve anything in any time constraint. Time is make believe. Be in the moment and let it take as long as it is going to take.

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