When Is My Soul Mate Coming?

Jan 13, 2023 | News

Divine Timing you ask? Well, maybe.

My sense is Divine Timing could connect to more of an energetic alignment. Doesn’t it suck to hear that. Because most of you that may be familiar with some of the terms we use in the energy healing (and coaching) fields such as vibration, and energy frequencies and alignment. Those who know, know, that anything that refers to energetic alignments really means that we have to have some responsibility in the matter more than it does with any kind of “divine fate” or luck.

Divine Time is about energetic alignment.

This means that you will attract in life wherever it is your Love Blocks have you vibrating. If you have not healing your wounds of rejection, or abandonment or worthiness, put simply you will attract all that emphasis or perpetuates that wound for you, including a Soul Mate. Especially a Soul Mate. Because we attract those that we not only have unfinished business with, but those souls (soul mates) that we have contract to recognise and heal those wounds with.

If you have landed on my page, there is every chance you are a Light Worker here to do amazing things on the planet. Whether that is for the greater good, a specific community or group of people, or just as important for your family. This could be now or in the future. I have been in this work long enough to know now who is drawn to me and my “spaces” and what their life path is about.

So my advise is to you to get busy. Stop chasing the Love of your life to make you feel right. You are not going to get the “right” love until you do your deepest most inner work and heal your wounds and Unlock Your Love Blocks. Yes, you may attract a Soul Mate, but like I said, that person is only going to exacerbate those wounds intentionally or unintentionally sooner or later. Unless you both get conscious and heal them together. Possible but can be frustrating and challenging and lead you down the same paths of where you have been.

Relax for a moment. You didn’t just come in to this life to have relationships with others. You have an opportunity to explore and heal you. How is your relationship with yourself. Good you say? What are your triggers; where are your limitations; have you met your shadow and what ego parts defend it. Do you know yourself intimately and deeply. Do you know why you have stepped foot on this planet? Do you know who you are to your fullest potential?

If not, then I am guessing you have some work to do. You need to work yourself back into energetic alignment of your Spirit.

In order to manifest the love that you are seeking you need to be in alignment with it. Divine Time depends on how quickly you can raise your vibration to be in alignment with the fullest capacity of love you are most capable of achieving in human form for this lifetime. There are many factors involved. But if you have not done any hard work on yourself to really look at yourself; shift out of blame, find peace with your parents and your ancestors then you will be far from finding the love that you really think you are seeking.

It’s tough, and it might not be ever fully achievable this lifetime. But I say shoot as high as you can and you will land in the stars somewhere. Take an active role and responsibility for yourself and your life, and allow your journey to have spaces of time for healing, self reflection and exploration.

Times are changing. Many humans have already started evolving into 5D consciousness now. Some will not but that is ok. That is why we have lifetimes. However, Spirit has shown me that my journey and those of my clients is one where we are here to do deep inner work in this physical realm this lifetime. We are here to shift a lot, and often in very short period of time (a decade is a short period of time) .

This means that in moving forward into the future, we are ready to break out of karmic soul mate relationship patterns. Ones where we project and blame and misplace our wounds in our partner; where we mirror to each other that which we can’t or won’t see deep inside of ourselves. Once we develop the capacity, or even make a claim or commitment deep within us, and begin to take true responsibility for ourselves and our lives then we can look inside of ourselves and unlock all that is blocking us from being the highest version we can be this lifetime on this planet.

Then, and only then can we move out of repeating Soul Mate relationships (which are tough, but beautiful and often familiar and serve their purpose), but dear Soul, you are here. And if you are here and you have come to me and this space than I assure you there is every chance that you have decided this lifetime is the time for you to move beyond those karmic patterns, bring your Highest Energetic Alignment (you Highest Self) to earth and open the gateway for Divine Love and relationships on this planet. A deep, honest and utter healing of the masculine and the feminine.

Take some time to think about this. Is this you? Are you ready? And are you willing to take complete responsibility for yourself?


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