Are ‘Expectations’ Killing Your Relationship?

Mar 13, 2024 | News

“Expectation is the opposite of relationship”
– Stephan Hausner

Let me explain. When we hold expectations of what we think somebody should “be” or how with think somebody “should” be it makes it much harder to see the person or situation. It also takes you out of the moment as your expectations are either from your experiences in the past or where you think the future should be.

As soon as you create an expectation for a person you are then in relationship with that expectation and not the person. When we are in a state of expectation, we are primarily focused only on information that either confirms or denies that the expectation is being met. Everything is categorised into either yes or no. All other information is ignored.

Developing a relationship with expectation is always a movement away from the other person and away from authentic connection. This can be a difficult task for many of us, and you may even have your inner defenders come up and say well “hey, how do you expect me to have and hold to higher standards for myself and the relationships that I want to be in.” But expectations are something else.

In order to deeply see that our expectations are largely stemming from fear, we need to do some deep healing work. It is a process of unlocking all of the previous disappointments, betrayals and hurts and allowing yourself to develop new relationships to the world and what is happening around us, within us and between us.

We cannot be in true authenticity whilst holding others to our own ideals and expectations. Authenticity is about listening to the heart and allowing it to guide you out of expectation. You never know what your heart wants to experience and where it will guide you. Through the Unlock Your Love Blocks® program you have the opportunity to unlock all blocks to the heart opening up and guiding you to authentic connection and intimacy and get out of the trap of expectation.

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