Ancestor Entanglements and Your Career Choices

Mar 28, 2024 | News

Are you doing what you love in your work? Maybe you don’t mind your job but you don’t feel like you are being paid fairly or treated fairly in the workplace. Maybe everything would be ok in your work if you didn’t have to put up with the people in the environment who are toxic. Some of you may have constant daily struggles and conflicts with bosses or colleagues that are constantly draining you.

What happens with our dynamics with people are often hidden dynamics that are happening on the Soul level. If you have done some personal and spiritual work on yourself and you still find you are hitting the ceiling with regards to work, there could be something in your family system that is playing out through you in the workplace.

When there are unresolved or unacknowledged issues in our family system, particularly in the generations behind us around money, or business or some kind of “dealings” where there has been trauma, tragedy, misfortune, or betrayal either perpetuated by a family member or towards them, this type of energy plays out in further generations until it is healed.

We are not connected to everything that happens in our family, but sometimes we have an entanglement with an Ancestor or an Ancestral pattern where our struggles represent or mirror exactly what was tragic that happened with them or because of them. To heal the pattern is to go back and acknowledge the root issue and how it has affected those before us until it landed with us; then we can start to feel movement around the same pattern in our own life.

How do you know if you may be entangled in an Ancestors or recent family member’s fate?

We live out these unconscious soul level loyalties that prevent us from succeeding and thriving in our personal life. See if you resonate with any of the following –

  • Unfulfilled Desires of Parents or Ancestors – Was your profession chosen by your parents or someone else in your family. Perhaps your heart is not in it, but in order to please and maybe even to belong to your family, you have taken on a career that was someone else’s dream but it is not really yours.
  • Maybe they are afraid of you failing and want you to protect you and pursue something that is “safe” for you and stable to ensure your wellbeing so they have pressured you into a safe, and maybe boring career. Maybe it is a constant struggle for you, and you are constantly pushing yourself to go to work and are miserable.
  • Rebelling – Perhaps you picked a career that at this point you do not align with, however when you were younger it was more important for you to “stick it to your parents/family” and follow something unstable, outrageous or maybe against your families values and beliefs in order to “pay them back” for being too controlling or rigid, and/or to exercise your own freedom to choose for yourself and make this point to your family.
  • Career Due to Trauma or some other unfortunate event – sometimes people become something as a result of a tragedy that happened. Sometimes this works out ok for some people as it was meant to put them on their path of purpose. However, other times it helps them through the trauma at the time, but once they work through it the career is no longer relevant or in alignment with them. eg. A woman becomes a lawyer because of an injustice in the family; or you become a social services worker to protect children as there was child abuser in your system; or you become a nurse because your nana died and it was traumatic for you and you wanted to help the sick in hospital.
  • Business Misfortunes that seem to happen where you lose out on contracts or get ripped off in some way or another. These kinds of things happen a lot in your business in large or small ways and may even happen to your parents too. When your Ancestors have been betrayed or been the betrayer in the past and this matter disrupted your family system and caused them or other family systems heartache and misfortune, you may in fact be entangled with the Ancestor and situation. We start with seeing them through constellations, acknowledging their fate, and begin the healing to change the pattern.
  • Missing out on promotions (being overlooked) maybe you just never seem to get picked or promoted no matter how reliable or good at your job you are. The workplace just doesn’t seem to see you on another level or in another job. This may have happened in the past to an Ancestor for varying reasons that has impacted the family system in someone way perhaps with poverty or as a mental and emotional energy of feeling unworthy or hiding oneself.
  • You struggle to take orders maybe you come into work situations where you feel you struggle to take direction from a certain boss. This may come up in various positions you work in where you just can’t seem to have the respect for or listen to your superior. In these situations, sometimes there are events in the past where a member of your family was constantly pushed down, or pushed others down.

There are so many situations that can be unique to you and your family. If you have tried a few things to help transcend some of your more challenging work and money patterns, or just can’t seem to get on the right path with your career it might be worth investigating what may be happening in your Ancestry.

From my work in Unlock Your Love Blocks® and Healing with the Ancestors® I know that for us all to attract abundance and to be successful we must work with integrating and taking in our Mothers and our Fathers. Sometimes we need to look even further afield and back into the past generations of our biological Ancestry.

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