Do you need Dolphin Medicine?

Jan 28, 2024 | News, Spirit Animals

Animals can represent our spiritual guides, and can turn up in our life in many different ways. 

To understand if you have come into connection with a Spirit Animal pay attention to the animals that happen to come across your path in magical ways, such as when you are thinking or feeling into something, or they appear in weird or profound ways or their presence just feels magical. When you are deep in challenges and are asking Spirit for help, the may also reach out to you in a movie, in your dreams, in advertising, through conversations with friends and many other ways at profound moments. You don’t meet certain animals by accident.

If we need the medicine of a specific animal, they will find a way to reach us, but we must be open to see and understand the signs. These amazing Spirits exist to teach us about ourselves and bring us a certain “medicine” that we may be in need of.

Spiritual animals show us the strengths and traits that we need to get through, ascend or learn from certain situations in order to evolve and grow.

What Does the Dolphin Represent as a Spirit Animal?

Different cultures have different meanings for Spirit Animals so it is always important to take what resonates and feels right for you. Commonly, dolphins have been considered highly intelligent, playful, and well-meaning animals. 

Dolphins, as spiritual animals, represent harmony and peace. They also represent joy, playfulness, willpower, inner strength, protection, mental acuity, politeness.

Most of the time, we can see dolphins in groups. So they symbolize teamwork, as well as cooperation and courtesy.

This animal maintains a balance between intelligence and fun, and it is a great teacher.

Dolphins have a calm personality. They do not conflict with other marine animals. That is why they have become a symbol of diplomacy.

At the same time, you. may have heard that a dolphin saved someone from another animal’s attack. That is why they are a symbol of protection.

According to Greek mythology, dolphins have the task of guiding the spirits of dead people to the next reality. Thus, they are a symbol of rebirth as well.

They connect two elements – water and air.

What the Dolphin is Trying to Tell You

The dolphin brings you medicine that will guide and encourage you to love yourself and to more diplomatic in your conversing with others. They teach you how to swim in a sea of different emotions and pressures. 

Dolphins also guide you on how to take a break from responsibilities, and enjoy time with family and friends.

Since dolphins often come to the surface to breathe air, they are there to teach you how stopping for some air (downtime) is important! The dolphin wants to show you that you need to rest from time to time and that fun is an integral part of life.

At the same time, compassion for people is necessary for creating a deeper connection, and this spiritual animal will try to teach you that.

Since dolphins are a symbol of cooperation, they appear in our lives as a reminder that we should be compromising with people we love, instead of being stubborn.

Dolphins are fearless animals. They teach us the importance of self-confidence and overcoming fears. It is important to believe in your instincts and intuition!

What Does it Mean When Dolphins Appear to You?

When dolphins appear to you, in anyway, it means you need to improve balance and harmony in your life.

They remind you to:

  • Trust your instincts in all life situations.
  • Not forget that fun, relaxation, and games are essential for your mental health.
  • That humour and jokes are essential in your daily life, both at work and in private life.
  • They point out to you that life is simpler without conflict.
  • They encourage you to open up to your loved ones, but also to open your heart to allow new people into your life.
  • The medicine of the Dolphin wants to help you to improve your communication and diplomatic skills. 
  • That teamwork is an integral part of balance and harmony in every partnership, family, and community.
  • Not to live a life in imbalance.

Dream Meaning of Dolphins

Dreams of dolphins can be a sign of encouragement to seek spiritual guidance.

Those dreams, which are quite intense and precise, can also mean that you feel full of energy.

The frequent appearance of dolphins means connection and happiness. It can be a confirmation that you have a good relationship with people and that you are happy because of it. But they may appear to state that you need to connect with people or reconnect with people in order to feel happy again.

It can also mean improving or strengthening your current relationship with someone significant to you. It could be your partner, family member, or close friend.

A dolphin in a dream can draw attention to some unpleasant aspects of your life. It can be a sign that you want to change that situation. This will relate to what you were thinking about before you went to sleep.

Dreams where dolphins appear are mostly characterised as happy dreams, or that they want to support you to find happiness again. That this should be your main focus in life now.

When to Call on the Dolphin

If you relate to any of the above, call on the medicine of the Dolphin spirit to come to you.

When to call on the dolphin –

  • When you feel overwhelmed.
  • When you feel like you are not living your full potential.
  • When you feel that you have neglected yourself and need to cultivate love for yourself.
  • When you do not feel a deep connection with the people or the people you love.
  • When you need peace and harmony.
  • When you need a guide who will teach you how to be a team player and compromise with the people around you.
  • When you are stuck in the past and worried about the future.
  • When you have forgotten how to relax and enjoy life.
  • When you want to change unproductive and old habits.
  • When you need to change.

How do you feel about the Dolphin medicine? Do you need it in your life right now? What experiences have you had with the Dolphin medicine before! I would love to hear your stories and experiences.


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