The Spirit of Dragonfly

Feb 18, 2024 | Spirit Animals

The very name of this remarkable insect is reminiscent of some magical, fairy-tale creature. Its appearance reminds us of a completely different dimension, the dimension of fairies and elves.

The wings of the dragonfly are reminiscent of purity, tenderness, and subtlety. They can be metallic blue, red, or green, evoking a sense of strength and power. Accordingly, it is easy to compare with a dragon.

The dragonfly lives around the water yet flies. Because of this, its existence is related to the energy of water and air. It mainly represents your thoughts (air) and emotions (water). The dragonfly can help guide you to balance your thoughts and emotions.

When it enters your life and becomes your guide, you will be able to focus on your deepest desires. You will understand the power of your thoughts. You will learn how to make your dreams come true.


How to Know if a Dragonfly is Your Spirit Animal

There are some usual signs. For example, you often come across dragonfly pictures in newspapers, television, or social networks. Somehow your friends persistently mention this insect, or you often see it somewhere in nature or it has entered your house. There are other ways to find out if the dragonfly is your spirit animal.

When was the last time you listened to your intuition? Have you forgotten and buried your dreams and desires somewhere deep? How much are you aware of the power of your thoughts? Do you often miss opportunities and calls for action?

If you have mostly answered the previous questions in the affirmative, this is likely your spiritual guide. Or it will become very soon.


What Does the Dragonfly Represent as a Spirit Animal?

It is a symbol of change and light. If you have taken life too seriously by now, the dragonfly will empower you to learn to have fun again and enjoy life without overthinking it.

The spirit of this animal represents joy, adaptability, and lightness. It will awaken your realm of emotions in you, teach you to dive deep and connect with the kingdom of nature and magic.

Given that the dragonfly spends most of its life around the water, it needs light to turn into a beautiful creature of magical colors when it comes out.

If you can recognize the symbolism, then you understand that without light, there is no change. There is no positive transformation.

A dragonfly will help you find your light. Your biggest motivation. What drives you to change and grow.


What the Dragonfly is Trying to Tell You

When challenging times come, and everything seems dark to you (problems unsolvable, emotions become negative and potent), a dragonfly as a spirit animal wants to tell you that you have to find something positive in everything that is happening.

There is a profound reason for everything that happens. There are no coincidences. Every situation is an opportunity for growth. Every person and every challenge is a lesson. If you do not master it, it will appear in another form.

It will also make you wonder which feelings you are hiding from yourself.
What did you bury and try to forget? What is it that you need to analyze?
What feelings are your illusion?

To grow, you must get out of your comfort zone. The time for transformation and change arrived, and a dragonfly will help you to achieve it. It will guide you and support you.


What Does it Mean When Dragonfly Appears to You?

It means that you have resisted change for too long. You may not have had the strength to deal with certain emotions, which means you are stagnant. When a person stagnates, does not work on itself, it stifles its growth and feeds dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction awakens the lowest emotions, the ones that prevent you from finding a solution to your problems and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If you seem to be in a vicious circle for too long, it means that you have been feeding your dissatisfaction for too long.

When you find your light, follow it. It is the only way to encourage your transformation. Do a little more of your hobbies, the ones that feed your soul, not your wallet.

Dance with your emotions. Let them float to the surface. Analyze them and try to determine why you buried them in the first place.

Learn to let go. All that you cling to is slowly breaking you. Be aware of the power of your thoughts because they are the ones that create all your emotions.


Dream Meaning of Dragonfly

Be sure to interpret each dream individually. However, there are some universal meanings.

Dreaming of dragonflies mainly symbolizes regeneration and change, a balance between the mental and emotional realm.

It can also mean that something in your life is not exactly how it seems to you. You may have certain illusions.
Ask yourself if your activities are reckless? Irresponsible? Unreliable?

If you eat this animal in your sleep, maybe your passion is consuming you. Ask yourself if you have any false beliefs.

On the other hand, a dream can mean that it is time to express your creative side, your imagination.
Embrace your wings and fly towards the light.


When to Call on the Dragonfly

Call on dragonfly when:
•   You feel stuck in general and need a different perspective
•   You are afraid to face your passions and engage in them
•   You have many emotions you buried a long time ago
•   You forgot to have fun and be light – you may feel heavy
•   You take life too seriously
•   You are afraid of change
•   You want a positive transformation
•   You struggle to find your light
•   You don’t know how to embrace your wings
•   You don’t know how to control your emotions, so they control you
•   You are not aware of the power of your thoughts
•   You feel you’re stuck in a vicious circle in your life
•   It is difficult for you to make a decision
•   You want to change your habits
•   You want to release useless beliefs
•   You want to learn how to use your thoughts to create reality


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